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Competitive and peaceful bikers alike will be able to satisfy their needs in the nature park of Oberdrautal. It is only one minute from the hotel to the Drau bike trail. You can safely park your bike in either of our two garages; we even supply charging electricity/electricity to charge. There are few better ways to experience the region than by bike. We are always eager and available to help you plan your bike tours.

Some selected bike tours with pictures are available at

Good to know: since 2016 the Drau bike trail carries ***** stars from the ADFC (Allgemeinder Deutscher Fahrradclub e.V.).

Stadel mit Blumen am Radweg
Bergdörfer Tour
Kuh am Drauradweg
R1 Kleblach Lind
Radweg neben der Drau mit Brücke
R1 Sachsenburg
Radweg mit Feldern und Bergen
R1 Obergottesfeld
Kind am Drauradweg
R1 vor Lienz
Rad am Gailtalradweg mit Fluß
Bauernhof mit Buschenschenke
R1 Buschenschank
Radfahrer mit Gasthaus
Bergdörfer Tour

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